Food Surplus & Salvage Working Group is established

Today at the July Sustainable Food Policy Board Meeting, (Monday 12:30-2:30), I will be presenting the following for consideration/adoption as an official working group of the SFPB.

Actually this is my draft and I welcome your input to make it even better. Please send me your suggestions!
I especially want to get the name of the group right. What we call this will help set our intention in people\’s minds. I also want us to be sensitive to the perceptions of restaurant folks and those potentially receiving the surplus food.

Food Surplus & Salvage Working GroupMission and target dates

* Assess the universe of local, state & national laws, regulations, ordinances, health codes, and conditions that currently exist in the food waste/disposal mgmt/recovery/transportation ecosystem. (by Oct 2011 board meeting)
* Participate in meetings sponsored by the Universal Recycling Ordinance Meeting and relevant Solid Waste Advisory Commission meetings to help learn about and shape rules as they pertain to food waste/composting and identify salvage opportunities.(Through December 2011)
* Catalog and map the local businesses and services that relate to food donations, surplus food, farms that want scraps and what type, composting operations and their capacity.
* Identify working models, best practices, programs and regulations from other locations that facilitate the highest and best use of surplus food and food scraps. (by Oct 2011 board meeting)
* Make recommendations for national, state county, cIty and state policy changes that would facilitate more surplus food recovery. (Spring 2012)
* Develop communication tools (survey and educational information) for contacting all Austin area food businesses to assess their current practices as they relate to surplus/scrap/spoiled food and educate them about the alternatives. Find organization and/or interns and/or City or County staff to implement. (Summer 2012)
* Create a surplus food map that identifies businesses that are willing to release their surplus food and under what conditions. (Fall 2012)
* Support the funding of vehicles with temperature controlled chambers that can safely transport food in recovery and delivery efforts and find an entity to carry out such pick-ups. (Winter 2012)

Initial Members:
Brandi Clark Burton – Austin Eco Network –
Marla Camp – Edible Austin –
Melanie McAfee – Barr Mansion, SFPB –
Mark McKim –
James Jolly Clark – citizen –
Tod Wickersham – citizen –
Laura Tankersley –

Erin Hickok – Go Local –
Ruthie Redmond –
Stacy Guidry – TCE/CTZWA/Austin Zero Waste Alliance –
Debrah Dubay – Shades of Green –
Allen Schroeder – Food Recovery –
Sayuri –

Others? Someone from Capital Area Food Bank

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